Kjell Moum, Photographer

Speciality - Restore old photos

Easy to order. Follow the steps:

Step 1:

If you have a paper photo:

Take a picture of it with your mobile phone and email it to me.

If you have a negative or a slide:

Describe what the original looks like, since it can be difficult to email an accurate picture of a negative or a slide.

Step 2:

Write in the email what it is you want done (things like the removal of scratches, dust, creases etc). All details might not be visible on the picture you send.

Also write the size of the print you want and whether you want it on paper or on canvas; I will be glad to help you decide. To magnify a small picture is feasible, but naturally the number of details will not exceed the number on the original.

Step 3:

 Email me at: kjell@mikrotema.se

Step 4:

I will get back to you with the price and delivery time.

Step 5:

If you accept my price I would like you to send me the original or hand it over in person.

Step 6:

When I am finished I will send you the print along with the original. If you prefer to pick it up yourself you are very welcome to do so.